Our Mission

The Harvard Christian Alumni Society’s stated mission is to:

  • Establish a religious, social and professional network for Harvard Christian alumni worldwide, and to advance the interests of members with a shared identity, experience, and belief in the Christian faith;
  • Foster a spirit of community among graduates and former students of Harvard University as well as current students and prospective students, to help strengthen Christian communities throughout the University and to provide meaningful support for Christian students, faculty and alumni;
  • Foster a spirit of unity between alumni of the various Christian denominations and sects by joining together in an ecumenical group of Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Evangelicals, and more;
  • Support the affirmation of the historic orthodox Christian faith based on the Christian Bible and the Nicene creed to strengthen an understanding of the role of faith in various disciplines, and to improve understanding of the Christian faith among other communities through interfaith dialogue;
  • Support constructive alumni involvement and investment in affairs that affect Christian communities within the University and beyond;
  • Promote and encourage communication between Harvard University and its Christian alumni;
  • Affirm the relevance of the Christian faith to a well-rounded and transformative liberal arts education for citizens of our society;
  • Promote research and scholarship at Harvard University that furthers the understanding, relevance, and impact of the Christian faith.