HCAS Church Map

This resource is to facilitate HCAS members visiting or moving to a new location who would like to be connected to a good local church.  Churches listed on this website have been added by HCAS members who attend that church.  However, being listed on this website does not imply any endorsement by HCAS. 


Out of respect for privacy and time, the initial connections will be made through HCAS. However, this is a completely voluntary initiative, so please expect that replies may be delayed, and HCAS members are under no obligation to meet up with visitors.



Use this form to add your church to the map: Add your church info

Use this form to request a connection with alumni at a specific church: Connect with alumni at a church

To opt out from being a contact, fill out this form and say "OPT OUT" in the additional information: Opt out form